205 Handbrake _____ could lock up on you !!!

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205 Handbrake _____ could lock up on you !!!

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A warning to all 205 owners about the handbrake
recently I was about to reverse into my road, which is off a steep hill, out the handbrake on hard (to hard) and that was it jammed!
I paniced for a bit thinking the pads had fixed solid, thinking about rac and big bills. Eventually slowly moved down the hill out of the way, which was only by accelerating down the hill with the brake still on, so I could have alook and stop blocking the road.
Out the way I took the handbrake cover off to see if I could loosen the cables. Then I could see that the equilizer bar that links the two cable to handle was twisted abit. So I pushed it down and the handbrake could be let off. phew!
What happened was --- the h brake took 13 clicks (unlucky) if yours does it could happen to you so tighten the adjuster so it takes ideally 7,8,9 ish.
Also at the back of the h brake are two screws that go down into the frame mount. The left side is fine but if you look at the right one it goes further down and sticks out about 1/2 cm which after 13 clicks will hook behind the equilizer bar and lock it solid.
What I did was take out the right one and but it back with about 5 washers on top so that it just came flush on the underside (like the left does, as it should) or you could cut the end bit off the screw if you like same difference.
If you do both these it won't happen (well shouldn't) happen to you,
I it does on a busy road it could be very embarsing as you stop everyone in their tracks.
Also 309 doesn't have problem cos of the petrol flap puller attached to h brake.
and looking at 306, peugeot obviously relized as the same 2 bolts go upwards leaving the cable area clear of obsructions. Makes me think about how long they made the 205 for and they never fixed such a simple little thing.