205 mi16

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205 mi16

Post by susat » 05 Aug 2002, 06:16

hi i wonder if i could get some advice
i have a 205 mi16 and was wondering if its normal for the engine temp and oil temp to be 3/4s of the way on the guage im not sure if this is right every time i drive the car when i stop the fan is on a few minutes then stops and im dure its on when im driving any sdvice wouldbe appriciated

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205 mi16

Post by KRISKARRERA » 04 Sep 2002, 10:54

Get yourself over to http://forum.205gtidrivers.com/

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205 mi16

Post by Paulmi16 » 19 Dec 2002, 04:09

Sorry if this is a late reply but i hope the following is of use.
On my 205 Mi16 the water temp guage comes to just over the halfway mark (with a 92degree stat) and the cooling fans kick in between the halfway and 3/4 markings
A lot of 205 Mi16 conversions suffer cooling bother as the radiator is often lowering to allow the inlet manifold to fit, and the coolant does'nt like going uphill.
The oil temp gauge does get quite high up the scale (especially if driven properly!), so i would'nt worry too much, but check the oil cooler is functioning correctly. Some people remove them to simplify the cooling system, but this is not a good idea.
I use two cooling fans, and highly recommend this.