ZX 16V Probs....

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ZX 16V Probs....

Postby syaiton » 30 Jul 2002, 10:48

I am from Malaysia and the technical know how of citroen cars here is a bit lacking. So had to resort to do my own research on my problems.
I own a ZX 16V, bought it end of 1996. My problem is the engine idling speed seems a bit erratic, it goes up & down like a yo-yo. Sometimes it goes so low.. the engine stalls. Its a bit embarassing when i am in a traffic jam.
Another thing is whenever my brake pads are worn, the local citroen distributer will use a locally made brake pads that I know doesn't conform to the OEM standard. Thinking of ordering it online and have it shipped here. The problem is I do not know what type of brake pads to use.. there's a lot of choices from andyspares online store alone.
Can I use bendix brake pads made for a ZX 2.0i ?
Any comments/advice on these would certainly help.
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Postby humpy » 25 Aug 2002, 23:38

I had a similar problme with my 2.0l volcane which I solved by replacing the idling stepper motor. I presume the 16v has one too. Funnily my problem o0nly happened on hot days.
I have tried loads of different pad compounds, Ferodo, Green stuff, halfords own and the best are Citroen OE.
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Postby Chris_L » 29 Aug 2002, 03:32

I can't comment on your engine idling problem because I've never come across it (looks like humpy's given you the answer anyway). The only comment I'd make is don't whatever you do get Citroen front brake disks. They're notoriously bad for warping. Most other manufacturers' ones are ok. As for pads, last time I used Forodo Target ones and found them far better than Citroen's ones (and a lot cheaper too). Maybe its just look of the draw!
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