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BX niggles

Post by vanny » 17 Oct 2004, 01:04

Hello list folk
it's been a while since i've told you about my list of car woes, but here's a few i would like some in put on!
1) Noisey PAS rack
as it sounds, in certain positions there is deffinately something not right, sounds like pressure leaking past a seal, PR clicks a lot! There is fluid on the front subframe, underneath the rack and at the belt end of the engine. Assuming rack seals are dead (small leak from the big pipes to and from the rack as well)? Easy job? looks like it can be removed from underneath?
2)Sinking feeling under braking
remembering there is no FD on this car, and the pump is an over pressure pump. Sinking under heavy braking, takes a few seconds to return to normal height. Possibly spheres? look pretty new, but i have no actual history on there age nor if they are the correct spec. Other than that i guess Dosier valve? but im reckoning these dont actually fail (well thats what they told me)!
3) engine vibration
Lower mount looks a little 'squashed', rest are fine, seems worse with the wheels at different angles. Intermediary bearing should affect? suspecting lower mount somehow, not sure how to check!
answers on a postcard!

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Post by tomsheppard » 17 Oct 2004, 02:17

Too mean to buy a stamp Vanny. Sinking under braking: accumulator pressure is being lost.
If the accumulator isn't shot (Lots of ticking so it might be;) then fluid is taking the easy way back to the reservoir. Probably going out through the steering rack. As you have no FDV and are relying on the pump, that's almost certainly it. Rack is not as bad to do as on a Saab but do yourself a favour and steam clean around it first. The vibration could be due to the pump cutting in and out too rapidly but it is more likely to be something touching the shell and transmitting noise. They resonate beautifully!
Is this one of your specials? Why no FDV?

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Post by jeremy » 17 Oct 2004, 02:31

You have a Xantia pump on this car with the 2 outlets? If so then you don't have the usual BX volume of high pressure LHM available.
I agree with Tom that the accumulator could be at fault. A rough check is to get the car to normal height and turn off the engine. Now sit in the boot, the car should drop and after about 30 seconds rise. My BX TD Estate will in fact rise when I fill it with fuel.
Incidentally if it doesn't drop then your spheres are shot.
I had my doseur replaced and it made no difference at all! In fact my problem was the FDV being assembled incorrectly - something yours cannot suffer from.

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Post by vanny » 17 Oct 2004, 05:19

you know, i've suspected the accumulator before. Its probably the original as fitted to the engine (so its between 65000miles and 9 years old), maybe the key to the problems, pain in the arse is that the local GSF dont stock any cit bits (yeah, stupid int it!) so will have to wait till it gets shipped in!
As jeremy says, its a twin out pump so there is no need to have an FD (gets rid of some complications, creates plenty more!). Fluid level is a bit low (leaking out of the front strut return pipes, as there not there!), not nothing majorly upsetting.
No way am i steam clening it! The LHM, oil and grease are happily holding the front subframe together, i can only dare imagine the results of cleaning the bugger and watching large sections fall away (theres no real basis for this, but im confident thats what will happen!).
Will check the spheres and report. Clicking is generally only a problem when turning the steering, but it is only maybe 8 seconds at idle (rather than the 10+ i wold rather it was! Will find out tomorrow!
cheers guys