ZX Rear Axle

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ZX Rear Axle

Post by andyg » 15 Sep 2004, 21:23

Due to my Rear radius arm bearing being shot (2nd one), it looks like i shall be transplanting yet another rear axle complete from a breakers, however, due to a diminishing stock of decent rear axles (with discs for a Volcane) does anyone know whether the Peugeot 306 rear axle is an exact fit to the ZX, i know that it's meant to be but is it??

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ZX Rear Axle

Post by rossnunn » 16 Sep 2004, 01:19

as far as I know. it looks the same on the EPC cutaway.

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ZX Rear Axle

Post by goose » 16 Sep 2004, 02:56

simular chassis i wud imagine so!!!
i had the same problem but at the last minute of me finding out if a 306 one would have fitted one came up off a zx!!!

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ZX Rear Axle

Post by Scottie » 26 Sep 2004, 16:32

i am 99% sure that the zx and 306 rear beams are the same! floor pan is the same, and the beam i just changed in a 306 gti rally car looked indentical to my volcane