Xantia Cruise Control Not Working?

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Xantia Cruise Control Not Working?

Post by DavidG » 06 Mar 2001, 03:26

I have found that my cruise control occasionally stops working. A Citroen garage was unable to sort it! I found it was due the a poor contact in the brake lamp switch. This switch is built into the brake pedal rubber pad. It's shown in the Haynes manual as a single pole change-over switch. When the pedal is pressed the switch powers the brake lights. When released, the switch provides +12v to the cruise control module. Unfortunately, the contacts are not very well engineered. The slightest trace of contamination results in a high resistance and the cruise control not engaging.
Answer, unbolt the assemble, remove the rubber pad, carefully prise open the pedal switch (don't lose the two springs), clean all contacts with switch cleaner. Ideally check with an ohm meter to ensure the contacts have minimal resistance. Then re-assembly the switch etc. All should be well for 3 or 4 months!

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Post by g.watty » 02 Dec 2002, 19:32

Excellent advise thanks, spot on re fault.
Have you been able to source a replacement since?

David Goddard
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Post by David Goddard » 03 Dec 2002, 18:38

No, looks like I did a good job cleaning the contacts - it hasn't failed for more than 12 months.
I recall that one mod. I did was to drill an 1/8" dia hole through the plastic switch housing to enable me to squirt switch cleaner (bought from Maplin) directly onto the contacts - avoids taking the switch apart.