Xara Picasso

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John F
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Xara Picasso

Post by John F » 25 Aug 2004, 00:44

Hi, as some of you know from previous mails I have a slight mobility problem as does her indoors and I think a car that I get into or up and into would be better that my Xantia which we get down and into/up and out of. Would you guys have any comments or advice to make about the Picasso? I aim to buy an HDi if available.

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Post by paranoid » 25 Aug 2004, 01:01

People at work have found this site very helpfull, concerning picasso's[:D] Lots of owners with hands on experience.

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Post by Homer » 25 Aug 2004, 02:30

I'm not sure.
My 80+ yr old grandma, waiting for 2 new hips has 11 children and numerous grandchildren so gets to try out a range of cars.
The one she finds easiest to get in and out of is a Merc SLK, which is very low but it is the huge doors which make for easy access.

John F
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Post by John F » 25 Aug 2004, 20:36

Thanks Paranoid, I will try the picasso web site.
Homer, thanks also good advice but I don't like Mercs. Is that sad or what?

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Post by harryb.48 » 25 Aug 2004, 20:57

A family member had a Picasso as a motability car and found it the best so far to get in and out of .
You can virtually slide in and out because of the height and fairly large doors - a Focus C-max is similar but the gap is larger between door and seat (for some strange reason) so not as handy.
She found the only drawback with the Picasso was the reflection onto top of dash through large swept back windscreen,which can be a distraction on a sunny day.Mind you most mpvs are the same now.
The HDI is excellent for power and economy(Unfortunately my relative couldn`t afford it so stuck with 1.6 LX which returned over 40mpg)

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Post by esscargo » 27 Aug 2004, 06:30

I think they are a great car and as good as a Renault scenic maybe better. Certainly a better shape than a scenic. Id have one in a flash but they are not sold here in australia....[:(]