Xantia V6 - some discoveries.

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Xantia V6 - some discoveries.

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There is a lack of data on the current V6 engine - so here are a few "discoveries".
a) The dip stick for the Auto gearbox is hidden under the air filter. The filter house simply lifts up without removing anything - and there is the dipstick/filler. Tie it to the bonnet with some cord.
b) The hydraulic pressure release screw is just in front of the Auto fluid dipstick. However to gain access, the oval mounting plate securing the top of the pressure control valve is best removed ( two hex. fasteners and one allen socket). The head size is 12mm - a ratchet type of ring spanner is best as there isn't much space to swing a normal spanner.
c) The auto gearbox ECU is under the battery.
d) The correct fluid for the V6 gearbox is Esso LT71141 (as it's an electronically controlled gearbox) - this is according the the ZF website. This fluid is hard to find. However Jaguar service outlets sell it - their part no. is JLM 20238 (but also states the Esso type no. It's straw coloured, rather than the normal red colour. The drain/refill quantity is 4.4L
e) I haven't found where the alarm is fitted!
f) The front spark plugs are under the coil module and connect directly to same. To change the rar plugs the inlet manifold has to be removed. You need two gaskets. One for the manifold to head, and one between the manifold and the throtle butterfly valve. Fortunately they are long-life plugs 60k miles?
g) The rear brake pads are standard Xantia saloon type.