Fitting Xantia Exhaust

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Fitting Xantia Exhaust

Post by RichG » 11 Jul 2004, 17:03

How easy is it to DIY fit the front part of a 1.9TD Xantia Exhaust? As I care about my car, and do all my own servicing and repairs, I do not want to use a fast fit place.
The rear box failed last year and, as we are going to Austria with our caravan this year, I thought that I might replace the front section before I go. It appears to be sound however a friend of mine had his break last year at the front cat to pipe weld which caused it to drag on the ground. I am worried that if this happens on mine and it digs into the road surface it could prove very costly.
I can see all the fittings however reaching them may be another matter. Is it easy to place all of the washers, springs etc. onto the bolts at the turbo connection or do they all have a tendency to fall off?

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Fitting Xantia Exhaust

Post by oilyspanner » 11 Jul 2004, 17:44

They will fall off, I usually end up using several quarter inch extensions and a deep 10mm socket and hopefully an assistant to counter hold the top, the usual failure point is right next to the flared flange at the rear end right next to the box.