Xantia heater controls

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Xantia heater controls

Post by nelsonriddle » 03 Mar 2001, 22:36

I recently damaged the controls in my '96 Xantia and can now no longer switch the warm air flow off or adjust the fresh/recirculate mode(i.e. the hot/cold slider and the recirculate sliders have come off!). The controls appear to have sheared completely and I doubt that gluing them back on will help. Does anyone have an idea how much I could expect to pay for a new set of heater controls?

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Post by nigel » 15 Mar 2001, 16:54

Why not try a breakers yard, the controls are nylone and cannot be glued. There is one nr Dunstable called A5 that specalises in xantia
Nigel Blight