You could hardly make it up!

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You could hardly make it up!

Post by JohnD » 10 Jul 2004, 17:06

I was browsing Car Mechanics forum and a bloke with a Xantia posted that his lights didn't seem to work. After several replies, and two days later, the author came back with "They do work - I was using the wrong switch"!!!!!!!!!

Stuart McB
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You could hardly make it up!

Post by Stuart McB » 10 Jul 2004, 17:24

Der !! engage brain then mouth (or key board) I think. Mind saying that my brother always after buying a new car had this habbit of driving while saying " what's that do I wonder?" He never read the hand book untill a light came on the dash board or it stopped. Then it was a case of "what's wrong with it?" Always the cars fault.

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You could hardly make it up!

Post by uhn113x » 10 Jul 2004, 21:48

Congratulations on being able to actually decipher a post on the CM forum. I joined a while ago amd gave up after a week because 50% of the posts were in a language unknown to me (not even ebayese) and were totally incomprehensible [:(]