Can't get wheels off

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Can't get wheels off

Post by toti » 09 Jul 2004, 15:14

This is a really basic question but I'm having trouble getting the rear wheels off my Citroen ZX to access the handbreak cables (need adjusting). The bolts are too tight. What can I do? Couldn't tighten them enough at the handle end.

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Can't get wheels off

Post by jeremy » 09 Jul 2004, 15:31

My experience was that having got the bolts out I couldn't get the wheel off due to a build up of rust on the locator disc but a good kick sorted that.
Do you think your bolts are rusted or just overtightened? The reason I say that is that if they are overtightened then a bigger spanner is the answer but if they are rusted then you have to be careful as they may snap.
You have to remove the rear hub to overhaul the back brakes. why not go straight to stage 2 and remove the hub nut and take the brake drum off with the wheel attached? I don't think the presence of the wheel makes much difference and it will give you something to hit if you need too.
I suppose you could do the whole job with the wheel atatched and avoid having to remove the wheel. If the bolts have rusted you will find it much easier to get the remains out with the hub off the car.

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Can't get wheels off

Post by edd001 » 10 Jul 2004, 03:44

I would take it to a garage just for them to get an air gun on the wheel bolts but tell them not to use the gun when doing them up so you are able to take them of. or go and buy a large breaker bar.