ZX 1998 nuisance alarms

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Simon Canfer
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ZX 1998 nuisance alarms

Post by Simon Canfer » 31 May 2002, 18:18

Does anyone have a fix for nuisance alarms on a 1998 ZX TD SX?
I also suffer from the central locking "unlocking" when the windows are wound right up to the stops; this may or may not be connected!
I have cleaned the door connector blocks as I suspected this in the past.
I found a recent post on door lock contacts and will investigate; any others?
The last owner bought a new alarm ecu so this looks like a long-term problem; at least it /shouldn't/ be the ecu!
Simon Canfer
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Post by JohnD » 31 May 2002, 23:26

Hi Simon - When I got my Xantia - new in 1998, right from the start I was plagued with false alarms, usually at about two in the morning. The car went back to the agent several times, but eventually the fault was traced to the estate rear door. Once the lock was changed I had no further trouble.