ZX Heater thermostat - where is it?

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ZX Heater thermostat - where is it?

Post by markthered »

Please don't laugh - I'm not a mechanic!
I have a ZX Auroa "K" reg and the heater has packed up. I can buy a new one but the trouble is I've no idea what the thing should look like, currently there's no Haines manuals available, added to this there's two thermostats available for the year of the car! Please advise in laymans terms! Help need!!!


Post by Jon »

I think that we might need a bit more info from you to help here....
I assume that someone has told you that your heater has stopped working due to the fact that the thermostat is maybe jambed open?
If this is the case, you will find the thermostat by following the top rad hose from the radiator, where it joins the engine at the other end is the thermostat housing. Remove the top hose, and undo the 3 or 4 bolts that secure the housing, and you will find the thermostat inside.
I'm not entirely sure thats the cause of your trouble though.

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Post by jap »

have you drained the water from the main radiator at all ? you could have an air lock in the coolant system this would stop the heater getting hot!

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Post by adrianeaton »

If your car is running either too hot or too cold - gauge should register around the centre, slightly over before the fan cuts in - then suspect the radiator thermostat.
If the radiator iis getting hot and is reasonably even temp all over then the fault may be in the heater system. Bleeding it is your cheapest option, and make sure the heater is set to the hot position.
If the heater control feels odd it may be the cable has broken or the valve controlling the flow of hot water is faulty. If so be prepared for serious effort to dig it out - my BX required the pedals removing to squeeze it out! Having said that a Xantia involves removing the COMPLETE dash!!
The matrix itself is unlikely to be faulty unless your cooling system is seriously bunged up - they either work or leak usually.
Hope this helps
Oh, and by the way a Haynes manual is available for the ZX, try Halfords.