brakes & blower

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brakes & blower

Post by stevenlizuk » 21 May 2002, 01:11

hi all
can anyone offer any advice on two weird problems i have with my xantia (97 2.1td sx). firstly the a.b.s. on the car does not work (20 feet of rubber left on the a14 proves that), i have no warning light on the dash at all, not even on the diagnostic on switching on the ignition and when i bought the car the relevant fuse was missing under the bonnet.
each wheel is fitted with a sensor and the distribuion block and everything else you would expect to find under the bonnet is present, but after having the e.c.u. memories checked recently for another fault no mention was made to me by the dealer of any a.b.s. faults.
am i mad, does this car have a.b.s.?
secondly the blower only blows from the face vents regardless of the position of the control lever. the cables on the controller all seem to be ok but still no air from any other vents other than the face level vents. i know the car controls the air flow to the screen on a program but would this over-ride the mechanical flap positions?
if so whats the point of having the mechanicals at all?
citroens are weird!
any help seen as a gift from god.
steve kerr
steve kerr

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 21 May 2002, 01:46

Hi Steve, ABS is standard on the 19td SX so I would think it was also on the 2.1td, the valve block should be between the LHM reservoir and the battery.
Don't know how long you have had your car, but Some despicable people will resort to all sorts of trickery to get a car through the m.o.t, like when a fault occurs with the ABS, instead of fixing it they will tamper with the warning light, to dupe the tester rather than fork out and have it work properly, I've even known idiot's to go to such length's as wire the ABS warning light to the oil light so it appears to be working ok as it first comes on then goes off.
I hope you are not suffering any of this type of goings on.
Good luck