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Post by stevo » 19 May 2002, 15:16

The rev counter on my 16v has packed up, Can anyone tell me where It measures the rpm from.is it the ecu or is there maybe a speed sensor on the flywheel.
Taking the instrument pod out of the dash is a real pain,which is where I was planning to start tracing the fault.
Thanks Steve

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Post by JohnD » 19 May 2002, 20:01

Hi Steve - I don't know about 16V's but if it's the same as the XUD's, look for the pick-up around the flywheel housing.

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Post by Dave1 » 20 May 2002, 00:37

Hi Steve,
Nice to hear you have a 16v. I have one also but do not drive it a lot just now.
I believe the reading comes from the electronic ignition which does have a sensor on the flywheel. I think it is located just below the hp pump. However, if your car is running you would assume that the sensor is not at fault. No doubt you will get a more concrete reply shortly.