1.9Td (1996)Timing belt

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1.9Td (1996)Timing belt

Post by jmd » 18 May 2002, 19:11

As I am about to renew the timing belt, water pump,and timing belt tensioner on my Citroen Xantia 1.9 TD 1996 Model. can anybody advise me if anything else should be renewed(Pulleys etc)while doing this work.

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Post by JohnD » 18 May 2002, 20:32

You seem to have it fairly well covered. You might also take a look at the camshaft end seals. Also before refitting it, check the auxiliary drivebelt and the tensioner pulley for smooth running.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 18 May 2002, 20:56

You will need to fabricate something to hold back the spring and plunger while you take the tensioner pulley off, if it get's out you are in for a hell of a time getting it back in with the engine in situe, Haynes shows you how, don't use steel less than 16 s.w.g (1.58mm) thick, any thinner and the plunger may just barge it's way past.
Check the idler pully for roughness as it rotates, a bit of play is acceptable, any rough spots are'nt.
If it's a high mileage engine it might be wise to replace the crankshaft front oil seal while the pulley is off.
One handy tool you will be gratefull of is a stubby 1/4 drive ratchet about two inches long with a 7mm socket, for loosening the jubilee clips seccuring the air pipes to the turbo, which can be got at through the o/s wheel arch.
I find it best to pull the intake pipe off, but leave the outlet in place, just loosen it's clip so it can move, this makes it easy to remove the plastic timing belt cover.
Good luck