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ZX Alarm

Postby Chrisk » Sat May 11, 2002 10:28 pm

Wonder if anyone can help. I have a 5 door ZX-with the symbols on the dash to show when the doors are open. When you alarm the car occasionally the right hand indicators stay on & other times all of them stay on. The alarm works Ok and all the connection have been checked. Possible connected is the fact that occasionally one of the door warning lights stays on when you switch the ignition on regardless of wether or not the door has been opened!! Hope someone can spread some light as I dont really want to take it to Citroen. Cheers
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Postby Dave1 » Mon May 13, 2002 2:52 am

Hi Chris,
Unfortunately I do not have a definite answer to your problem. However if you do have a door light staying on I suggest you try and sort that out in the first instance. I had the same problem with my ZX nearside door. The light would come on after driving a short way or set the alarm off in the middle of the night etc. I removed the door trim and took the lock completely off. I sprayed the whole thing with switch cleaner and WD 40. Removing the lock can be a bit fiddley, particulary connecting the wires back up. The good news is to date it has worked fine. Initially I sprayed WD40 into what I could see whilst the lock was in situ. You could always try this fisrt. Hope you find a solution anyhow.
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Postby Jacko » Mon May 13, 2002 4:16 pm

Chris....Regarding the door light staying on...
I had the similar problem with my ZX. The driver's door open light used to flicker on and off when the car was running, and the alarm kept going off for no reason when it was locked up.
I agree with Dave. If you remove the lock, you will find a small auxiliary contact block on the bottom. If you carefully remove this you can clean it up and spray it with WD40. When I removed this contact block on my ZX it was filled with water. Hope this is a start for you.
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