Xantia Heater Matrix?

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Xantia Heater Matrix?

Post by Jetfixer » 28 Feb 2001, 22:47

My Xantia 1.9LX TD (1994M reg) heater does not blow very hot, I have flushed the cooling system and back flushed the heater, I am begining to think that the Thermostat is faulty, my Haynes manual tells me that there are two types of stat one that opens at 83 and another which opens at 89 which was fitted to earlier models. The local citroen dealer only lists the 83 deg Stat. Which is the correct Stat to use. Are the Matrices prone to blockage? The backflushing seemed to pass a sufficient water with minimum resistance. Taking the Matrix out looks like a right ballache so I would like to try a thermostat first.

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Post by jonkw » 28 Feb 2001, 23:22

There is only one thermostat available for Xantia 19TD, Citroen ref 1338 39.
I would check that your 'stat is not jambed open. Also check that the system has not got any air in it, and that even if the heater control is fully on, it is actually pulling the cable the opens the heater valve fully open!
Yes, the matrix is a nasty job........
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