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Anti Freeze

Post by Dave1 »

I have just bought 3 litres of Citroen Anti Freeze from GSF and to my surprise discovered it is blue. All my previous bottles have contained the yellow/green solution. I have almost two litres of the latter already and intended to use these at my upcoming coolant change. The active ingredient appears to be the same but the reference number is slightly different and the words "longue duree" replace "Procor 3000". Can anyone shed any light on this. Are there two types and will I be OK mixing the two.

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Post by JohnD »

Hi Dave - My can of anti-freeze specifically says that it's not advisable to mix different brands as they may be incompatible.

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Post by AdrianO »

I understand that what's sold as "antifreeze" is not a unique generic compound, but may be a formulation of different types of glycols. Also the active consitituents are sometimes claimed to be fully synthetic, sometimes not. The fully synthetic ones cost more but are claimed to have a longer (e.g. double) life. Ergo, best not to mix if you want to know where you are with it 6 or 12 months along.