Xantia service indicator

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Xantia service indicator

Post by allmond » 28 Feb 2001, 02:09

I do all my own servicing, and have recently serviced my Xantia 2.0 16v Exclusive. I'd love to finish the job properly and reset the service indicator. Any clues? Also I bought the Gunson fault reader but it didn't work on my 1998 car. Anyone know of a reader for the home mechanic?


Post by Jon » 28 Feb 2001, 15:54

Is your Xantia the sort with the service indicators, and the digital mileometer? If so, I believe that you can reset the service interval without a code reader. I have a Berlingo Multispace that uses that same system, in in my owners handbook, it actually tells you how to do it!
Look by speedo, there should be a small button, the one you use to reset the trip meter to zero:
1)Press and hold button, turn ignition on
2) Press for 5 seconds, release button
3) Turn ignition off
4)Turn ignition on, spanner symbol will illuminate for 5 seconds
5)Turn ign off.
And that should reset the service indicator!
Let me know if it works!!
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Post by allmond » 01 Mar 2001, 04:01

You genius. It works a dream. It went fairly quickly but seems to clock up through some odd mileages before I let go of the button at 12500 miles. Presumably they are different standard mileages for different models. I'm really grateful.
Thanks again.
Jamie Allmond

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Post by JohnD » 18 Mar 2001, 18:10

Many thanks Jon for the info regarding resetting the Xantia service indicator. It's worked a treat on mine. I've put up with flashing zeros for 30000 miles.

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Post by gwoolie » 02 Apr 2004, 23:08

Worked on my 1998 Xantia Est 2.1TD SX too. thank you

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Post by AndersDK » 02 Apr 2004, 23:30

Could one of you guys please enter this nice info into the handy tips section [:)]

David W
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Post by David W » 02 Apr 2004, 23:37

When these indicators were first discussed it was said to be another nail in the DIY coffin because no-one could reset their own indicators.
But as things have turned out many cars have an easy method involving ign on/off and the trip or clock button.
And even better as you've found out the procedure is clearly detailed for the owner in their handbook.
Even where the above option isn't possible the pattern plug-in reset keys are quite reasonable to buy.