ZX 2.0 16V service

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ZX 2.0 16V service

Post by mike » 27 Feb 2001, 22:56

I have recently bought a 93 ZX 16V, and need some information
The car seems sluggish ( 155bhp! ) are there any common problems here that I can fix
Are there any improvements to make to the car ie K and N filter, Ecotek, and do these make a significant difference to the car.
Finally is there a ZX 16v club/web pages etc, as I am finding little info on the car
or any owners to share any tips with
Many thanks.

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Post by madpenguin » 28 Feb 2001, 17:57

For tuning go to http://www.cituning.ltd.uk
As for club pages, this is probably the best and most useful one I've seen.