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Post by tonyb1 » 22 Apr 2004, 23:26

Doing my usual weekly check today I noticed that the LHM indicator was above the top line mark. It was ok last week [:0] I know for a fact that there's no leaks and the suspension is excellent [:)]. I topped it up with about 25cl of LHM but it had no effect? My neighbour who used to have the same car tells me that the indicator can stick in the top of the little dome, he reckons that's what happened to me [:(] Is there any way of releasing the indicator? I'm also concerned that overfilling the LHM might have unwanted side effects [:(]


Post by philhoward » 22 Apr 2004, 23:55

Overfilling will just end up with it coming out of the overflow...
To "release" the indicator, just tap it with your finger..on max height, of course!

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Post by AndersDK » 22 Apr 2004, 23:56

Overfilling is VERY serious : you get messy fatty spots/pools on your driveway [:D][:D][:D]
- no serious problem [;)]
The indicator is sort of a bajonet fit on the reservoir. Carful bend aside a small plastic locking lug, and twist the base of indicator tube some 45-90 deg - and up it comes.

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Post by nick » 22 Apr 2004, 23:58

It always puzzles me how anything like this that's continually bathed in a bowl of oil can stick in the first place!
I think the indicator can be freed off if you remove the top plate on the reservoir (where all the pipes go in) and free off the float itself. Its been a while since I've taken an LHM reservoir to pieces so I may be wrong.
Overfilling with LHM shouldn't cause any problems. The worst that happens is that fluid dribbles out of the top of the reservoir and down the inner wing on hard cornering. Its messy, but really just a bit of extra rustproofing - LHM doesn't strip paint like 'normal' brake fluid does.

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Post by tonyb1 » 23 Apr 2004, 00:15

Thanks guys! Had me worried for a minute Anders!! :-)

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Post by Kowalski » 23 Apr 2004, 14:13

Did you have your suspension set to the highest setting when you checked the level? I know this may sound obvious to some but it could explain why your lhm tank seems overfilled.

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Post by jeremy » 23 Apr 2004, 14:45

Also make sure the car is unloaded before checkinh the LHM. You will find that with a reasonable load on full height it will take a considerable amount of LHM due to compression of the spheres. Unload the car and then its overfull.