xantia exhaust

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xantia exhaust

Post by meexi » 11 Apr 2004, 04:42

the exhaust has just gone on my 1999 xantia hdi 110 its only gone at the weld on the front pipe this also contains the cat £230 for a new one fitted at local outlet he says that it is a common problem. does any one know if i can get a stainless steel complete exhaust in the tayside area? i am just going to get it welded up for know as it seems a shame to bin a good cat.

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xantia exhaust

Post by JohnD » 11 Apr 2004, 14:08

The rusting through of the front welded joint on the rear box has been around for a few years now. The box on my 1998 2.1 Xantia had to be replaced at 30000miles. The rear box on my previous BX TZD lasted for 8 years and almost 100K. Previous 205's have lasted likewise. Since having the 2.1 box replaced, I now paint the joints from time to time with Hammerite.