TD Fuel filter

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TD Fuel filter

Post by philhoward » 09 Apr 2004, 03:48

Daft question, I know, but...
Is the only seal on the top of the fuel filter housing the one on the filter element itself, or is there one in the filter lid?
Xantia '94 1.9TD, Bosch pump, if it makes any difference...

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TD Fuel filter

Post by RichardW » 09 Apr 2004, 12:34

Just the one on the element AFAIK. Make sure you recover the old one before fitting the new filter, otherwise you end up with an air leak. Been there, done that!

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TD Fuel filter

Post by paranoid » 10 Apr 2004, 00:58

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TD Fuel filter

Post by tomsheppard » 10 Apr 2004, 15:22

And do pack the inspection hole in the bellhousing with rag before you do it or you may get the same trouble I have. Fuel gushes out and gets onto the clutch plate. I'm really looking forward to taking the gearbox out...