Citroen xantia newbie

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Citroen xantia newbie

Post by bones` » 07 Apr 2004, 14:36

My first post so hi all [:)]
I think a used xantia offers great value for money but finding a good one with a 'proper' service history is quite difficult.
Last night I went to view a 97' P 2.0 sx, champagne met, 71k 1 doctor owner from new with a full citroen history in pretty much unmarked condition. Asking price is £995 and I don't think there will be any movement on this.
A good buy?

Although I would prefer a diesel they are attracting a premium price and the petrols are certainly better value.

David W
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Post by David W » 07 Apr 2004, 15:31

A price premium on diesels??
I'd say more that Xantia diesels are very cheap, petrols nearly at giveaway prices.
What does seem to be true is that a petrol often is more likely to have a lower mileage and less issues* than a similar priced diesel. Many diesels have had to work for a living.
As time goes on I'm less and less inclined to offer opinion on value once you get below £800-£1000. Frankly if you can get one that is smooth riding, rust/dent free, with immac' interior sensible miles and history for under a grand then that is a motoring bargain.
Actual car spec, engine type, colour and age are then down to personal choice.
*Oh they all have issues!
Good luck.

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Post by bones` » 07 Apr 2004, 15:46

I agree. To find an equivalent 97' car in this condition from any other manufacturer would be pretty much impossible for £1000. I just hope that if I do buy it I get lucky with the issues*.