errrm bargain?

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errrm bargain?

Post by Robin » 27 Mar 2004, 01:33

Does this offer make sense?
See e-bay ... gory=10376
Comments welcome. Robin

David W
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Post by David W » 27 Mar 2004, 02:46

Err I suppose it does with a price around £20 per sphere. Neither good or bad...your choice I suppose.
I'd still use GSF though!

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Post by AndersDK » 27 Mar 2004, 03:06

First off I read the add as a "universal" sphere set for any Citroen.
- but happily that's not the case [8D] - as pr description.
Would Ebay pr legislation means prices incl VAT ?
- if so, then the price is fair.
- if bidders don't go insane - that is [}:)]
It does seem a bit non-serious that a commercial company try sell via Ebay.
- one may wonder why this should be necessary [8]

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Post by JohnD » 27 Mar 2004, 15:11

Maybe somebodys attempt to unload some old stock. Why bother when you can get fresh ones (of the correct type) for 20 quid?

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Post by RandR » 27 Mar 2004, 15:23 ... 2469098260
if you look at their other ad you'll see they are a retailer

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Post by nick » 27 Mar 2004, 16:07

If they are the same 'Citronome' that I'm thinking of in Derby, then apparently they do have quite a good reputation.
I went to look at a Xantia for sale there in 2000, before I bought my current one, but it had already been sold before I arrived.
"To suit any Citroen"
...I wonder if they'll get a daft lad trying to fit a set to a Saxo? [:D]

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Post by Robin » 28 Mar 2004, 00:49

It was the 'Fit any Citroen' that caught my eye too on this one.
I am too close to Pleaides and GSF is too convenient for me to even bother contacting them!

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Post by jack.dempsey » 28 Mar 2004, 16:43

I have to admit to buying a complete set of spheres from ebay (well actually all but the anti-sink) - I picked them up from Derby as I'm fairly close. The dealer ('Citronome') was excellent and carefully matched the spheres to my model/year. Even got a good deal on some dash bulbs whilst I was there. I'd recommend to anyone. Mind you if I'd a GSF on the doorstep I'd choose them first obviously.

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Post by AndersDK » 29 Mar 2004, 00:56

Hi Jack -
No reason for excuses [:I]
Of course there are lot's of other serious retailers other than GSF.
We always refer to GSF here for courtesy of using their friendly service providing and running this nice forum here [8D]