ZX Aura Estate

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ZX Aura Estate

Post by greg » 26 Mar 2004, 03:29

Well I am learning and so is my pet mechanic. Rear subframe mounts replaced still problems.Trailing arm bearing failure so try to put on a new assembly. Peugeot 306 item supplied from breaker -different drums and stubaxles- finally another rear beam supplied this time from ZX diesel estate with 60,000 on it.Still has clonky sound. Has new shockers. Only thing left to change exhaust. Grumpy
Mechanic whom I have used for years nearly in tears.Stuck to his price but I will have to give him a big drink because he can't have made any profit on the work.One positive thing new waxstat has removed the lumpy starting which has afflicted it since I bought it!
Great init