Xantia CV Joint

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Xantia CV Joint

Post by Andy »

My xantia has developed a noise on the front left side when I am in a high gear it seems to rattle unless I am accelerating, also it clonks when turning and I have also noticed that the car seems to become unstable on a left hand bend (as if the road is icy) it is quite cary when this happens. I am told it culd be a CV joint or a wheel bearing is there a way to check which it is. If it isa cv joint can I buy just the joint or do I need to buy a new Drive shaft.

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Post by jonkw »

I would get this checked carefully before proceeding further.
If the CV joint was worn, you would get a clicking noise when you were turning. Its not possible to buy just the joint for a Xantia- its a complete shaft.
I would also get the bottom balljoint, and front arm bushes checked out before you proceed.
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