Rear Arm Bearings On a Xantia 1.9TD SX

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Rear Arm Bearings On a Xantia 1.9TD SX

Post by david webzell »

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Has anyone come across the need to change a rear arm bearing on a xantia? If so is there any easier way than dropping the subframe?
I noticed that both inner edges of the rear tyres had gone bald, and when talking to Citroen, they told me it was most likely to be the bearings, and to check if the wheels were leaning in at the top and out at the bottom. Has anyone had a similar problem, and is this the only cause?


Post by Jon »

It is almost certain that the rear arm bearings require replacement, I would assume that the car has covered a fair mileage.The bearings (2 per arm) wear because they are so small in relation to the weight and movement that they have to cope with.
Elsewhere in this forum, in the common faults and fixses section ,there is a complete article posted on how to change BX rear arm bearings. As (unfortunately) Xantias use BX rear arm bearings as well, this may be helpful.
Alternatively, a local independent Citroen specialist would be able to carry out this job quite quickly.