Xantia -project nearly finished, still have suspension issue.

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Re: Xantia -project nearly finished, still have suspension issue.

Post by Dom_81 » 07 Jul 2018, 18:24

HI Chris,

Yes whatever I did seems to have fixed it, but at the same time I'll only be fully confident after driving for a few days with no relapses. I've got a long drive tomorrow which will be a good opportunity to test it.

I'll double check all the hoses, especially the one you refer to and will make sure the seal looks good, I'm half tempted to go out with a silicone gun but i'm guessing that's not a good idea, potential contamination of LHM, and i guess the engine gets so hot that it would perish quickly. Yeah that's interesting about those filters, I'm generally impressed by how well these cars were made, so many clever little details - I wish they would start making them again but with a few upgrades.

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Re: Xantia -project nearly finished, still have suspension issue.

Post by white exec » 07 Jul 2018, 19:20

Advice would be to remake the connections on that hose, if they seem less than snug.
If there is any spare length, trim back the hose end remake afresh.
At the reservoir end, the (10mm-ish) plastic snout (on the XM) had an annoying small moulding ridge running along it, which didn't improve the seal, especially if the joint there was repositioned. The ridge was easily removed with a very fine file or emery paper.
Genuinely circular hose clamps needed to avoid distortion.
Sealant not normally needed, but if necessary I'd recommend Hylomar Blue, not silicone.

Good luck; hope it runs well.