1.6HDi cleaning air inlet ports

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1.6HDi cleaning air inlet ports

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Investigating a failed turbo, I found a huge amount of carbon build up in my EGR valve and inlet manifold (I could post photos, but this is a family forum). I've thoroughly cleaned both of these but still need to tackle cleaning the inlet ports in the head.

I think one way of doing it would be to remove the injectors and rotate the engine such that the valves in that cylinder are closed (unsure exactly how to do this) and use compressed air into the injector hole to blow the crap out of the inlet port. Doesn't sound great.

An alternative would be to rig up a vacuum attachment and try and suck it all out, but not terribly confident of that working.

I wonder if in the long run it's easier just to remove the head. From looking at few videos on head gasket replacement on YouTube, it looks like it's possible to remove the top part of the crankcase without splitting the head from the block with the head gasket replacement that entails. How easy is that to do? It looks like it might involve removing the timing chain, which is a bit daunting.