Help Needed Urgently

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Help Needed Urgently

Post by Rock » 12 May 2018, 00:36

Hello everybody,
I have a 2010 c4 hdi vtr+.
I have a prob with my gearbox
It shows "service" light and no gear shift.
I am getting P1394 (cc/speed limiter off request from geaarbox) fault code. I checked brake switch, cleaned the cc switches with contact cleaner with no success.
What can my car's problem be?
It happened after kicking down the accelerator while driving up a slope and an emergency brake soon after it. I had also filled up the day before.

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Re: Help Needed Urgently

Post by RichardW » 12 May 2018, 21:23

Unfortunately these EGS boxes (which is what I presume you have) are a law unto themselves. I doubt that code is the only one; you really need to get it to someone who knows what they are doing with it. Or scrap it, as the costs can rapidly escalate.....