C5 Tourer Electronic Handbrake & Heater issues

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C5 Tourer Electronic Handbrake & Heater issues

Post by paul1100 » 08 Jan 2018, 18:31

I'm a Newbie here, but have been searching around to try and solve my problems… V helpful site, thanks to the many people on here who's comments have helped me develop my knowledge! …not that i'm mechanically minded enough to tackle all problems! Anyway…

I have a 2009 diesel C5 Tourer VTR+ HDI. 2litre with automatic transmission.
FYI: I'm a dog walker so the car in regular use, doing regular stops and starts and short runs, but it gets a good 150 mile run at least once a month.

Electronic Parking Brake issue:
Over xmas the EPB started to light up the dash like a Xmas tree!:
'P in a triangle'
'auto ((P)) off'
'flashing red P in a circle'
'service' indicator light on.
(Basically the same as page 80, section 4 in the manual)

Followed the instructions in the manual but it didn't resolve it.
Checked my battery charge… over 50% - as i read here BSI's can go a bit loopy with low battery charge and start acting oddly.
Reset the BSI … following the instructions to the letter in this forum (thanks again)
All cleared, but all came back on as soon as i started the car.

The brake definitely has enough clout to work cos it does still and holds the car when applied, but doesn't come on or release every time you push/pull the button. Does eventually so i've not got stuck yet!
I've now disabled the auto application via the 'vehicle parameters>comfort controls' on the dash/steering wheel, but it's still tepramental and the display is still lighting up as above when the EPB is used.

I've read about the cost of a new EPB (gulp!) and about the spacers that can break down on the forum at
viewtopic.php?f=8&t=57771 …not confident to do that myself tho (nor have i anywhere to do it!).

Heater issue
Has just stopped working. Everything lights up and the rear window demister works, but no fan kicks in at any setting. Someone mentioned it could be a rheostat or resistor or transistor overheating, but i have no idea about that to be frank. I've also read on here about moisture build up causing problems, especially if the car is left unused. But not been the case with mine. It's in use almost daily.

think i must the bite the bullet and take it to a dealer (ouch£… i expect)

However, if anyone has any suggestions of a cure or anything to highlight to a dealer (to avoid what appears to be the stock response: "you need a new EPB") it'd be much appreciated.
I will be highlighting the possibility that the spacers in viewtopic.php?f=8&t=57771 as a possible cause for a start!

Sorry for the long winded post.
many thanks in advance.

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Re: C5 Tourer Electronic Handbrake & Heater issues

Post by GiveMeABreak » 08 Jan 2018, 19:00

Hi Paul and welcome to the Forum.

The EPB issue is not going to be a simple one I suspect - they generally have to be replaced once they go - but it is worth getting it checked as you are going to the dealer - as it may be symptomatic of another issue, that will have deactivated the automatic function.

There are 26 separate faults associated with the EPB - each with their own causes - incorrect speed information from the ESP system, loss of CAN signal, incomplete datastream, speed rotation reference values above or below thresholds, etc, etc, so the dealer will be able to detect the fault number / code and undertake some checks - so may not be a complete disaster, hopefully.

As for the heater issue, it sounds like the Air Blower Control Module as it is the fan that is not working as opposed to no heat. Check Fuse number 11 in the passenger glovebox fuse box first. Another possibility is the A/C Electronic Control panel on the dash - but again a diagnostic is essential to pin it down

This is the digital Air Blower Control Module
X7 Digital Air Blower COntrol Module.PNG
Again if you are going in for EPB check - they will be able to diagnose this at the same time (as part of the same fee) so makes sense to get it done in one go.

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Re: C5 Tourer Electronic Handbrake & Heater issues

Post by paul1100 » 08 Jan 2018, 20:39

thanks for your help marc, will do