Citroen c4 oil pressure

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Citroen c4 oil pressure

Post by benbo128 » 08 Jan 2018, 14:26

hi guys

need some help been reading a few threads but thought I would better check on a separate thread see what folk think,

I was away from home driving back home with kids in car car was fine accelerating no problems till I was about 20 miles away from my starting point I accelerated and I got a stop oil pressure warning message came up, the engine cut out itself. I slowly pulled over with no engine on (the engine sound while running sounded like it always had sounded had car since it had 30k on clock). I waited about 30 secs and tried to restart engine it fired up no problem and we set off again about a mile down road again it happened as I started to take the car over 2.5k rpm and again engine cut out and restarted no problems.

Now I managed to get home by crawling at around 45mph and not taking the revs over 2k rpm (we ended up having this issue about 9 maybe 10 times during journey home 101 miles). Car is a 54 plate Citroen c4 with 107k miles on it, just had a new oil and filter change about 4 mths ago, and its the 1.6 hdi.

Once I got home I tried revving engine while stationary and out gear and u could rev the engine no issues to 4 - 5k rpm but as soon as it was gear and driving again once u accelerated oil pressure warning and engine cut out but then restarted easily.

Cheers in advance guys fingers crossed its not destined to the scrap yard in the sky.

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Re: Citroen c4 oil pressure

Post by RichardW » 08 Jan 2018, 15:29

Welcome along!

What's its turbo history? It's most likely that the oil pick up in the sump is blocked - fortunately it's not too hard to remove the sump and pick up and then rip the strainer out of it. If the turbo is still OK and has not been touched then you need to get the filter out of the oil feed to that as well, otherwise it will be good night turbo too.

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Re: Citroen c4 oil pressure

Post by Fake Concern » 08 Jan 2018, 15:44

A common problem if a non genuine oil filter is used, so worth looking at first.

Have a look at this