Looking to buy some C5 2007 parts

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Looking to buy some C5 2007 parts

Post by atr » 13 Nov 2017, 14:43

I've dismantled the (automatic) transmission lever cover because I wanted to put into the space there a mobile phone hands free kit. it fitted perfectly. however , I found out that two rubber parts are worn out and I would like to replace them. one is something like a gasket (it's not a gasket) which is placed around the lever cover (the plastic cover with the grooves that the lever moves in them. the second part is some sort of a (black rubber) shield with a hole in which the lever is located and it moves with the lever underneath the cover and it blocks the grooves openings in the cover.
I've tried of course to obtain them from a local parts dealer specializes in Citroen, but was told that they no longer has these parts because they are obligated to hold spare parts 7 years and my vehicle is 10 years old.
If any of you members know if it's possible to purchase these parts (new or used) from a source that is also willing to ship to Israel, I will be most grateful.