Just how "bad" is the EGS Gearbox?

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Re: Just how "bad" is the EGS Gearbox?

Post by EDC5 » 11 Nov 2017, 14:17

NewcastleFalcon wrote:
11 Nov 2017, 14:04
Zelandeth wrote:
11 Nov 2017, 13:34
One thing I've come across on some ZF 'boxes on commercial vehicles is a feature where they drop into neutral whenever the vehicle is stationary - sure that equates to quite a big fuel saving on a big vehicle like a coach - but I imagine it could help a lot in a car too. I've no huge experience with modern autos in cars, but wouldn't be surprised if that feature had been implemented on cars too. That I imagine would close a lot of the economy gap.
My Aisin 6 speed Autobox on the Vectra AF40-6 (AKA...TF-80SC and AM6 in PSA Vehicles) does just that, so I presume that transmission as fitted to Citroens et al does the same.

Regards Neil

PS if you haven't seen the new whatsthisthen? your expertese could well get the answer straight away.

Interesting you should mention this. I too have noticed that the Aisin tf80 has this feature. However in Lexia this feature is turned off (at least on my car) I've been tempted to turn it on but never have because it may have been disabled for a reason.

But yes the torque converter does drag a lot when stationary as when I manually shift into N the engine stops labouring.

Still I'd wager that the drag from creeping/stationary is much better on the wallet than a EGS destroying a clutch and needing a £2k rebuild or something :lol:

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Re: Just how "bad" is the EGS Gearbox?

Post by W1nchman » 11 Nov 2017, 14:20

I am on my second C4 with EGS. Wouldn't have anything else. Clutch goes on for a long time typical 120,000 miles. Smooth & responsive. Fuel consumption around town (Bristol) 42.5 per gallon. On a run 65+ per gallon. Such a treat to drive as well...

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Re: Just how "bad" is the EGS Gearbox?

Post by momag46 » 11 Nov 2017, 18:24

I’ve got one of the new {2017} C4 Picassos with the latest auto box and as said earlier auto boxes have come a long way in 10 years.
When I first bought a C4 with the egs box the main advantage was that it was as more economical that the manual and much better than the auto. Also because it was so clean that road tax was only £30.
Now, the latest auto boxes are much more economical than they were, probably on a par with the manual and they are also very clean making the C4P very cheap to run and very smooth in operation.
There was very little difference between my latest C4P and the egs one I had before. The latest egs version had a ‘cheep’ function and other than there was no ‘park’ position it would be difficult to tell it wasn’t a normal auto.

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