101 uses for a dead sphere?

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101 uses for a dead sphere?

Post by Gaskin » 17 Feb 2004, 04:32

I find myself the proud owner of 3 old suspension spheres (see post earlier). As someone who hates throwing anything away that might have an alternative use, I'm loathed to ditch them. But I can't think of any other uses for them other than door stops or other weight related functions. Anyone got any (polite) suggestions?

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Post by oilyspanner » 17 Feb 2004, 04:44

Paint em green and sell em at a car boot sale to some geezer who hasnt found this forum;}
Some of the recharging blokes might want em. my local place used to take the old ones ....but now they dont want em, the spheres I bought were ok.

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Post by lhm_leak » 17 Feb 2004, 05:39

Screw two of them onto a rod, and sell or use them as barbells. Or you could paint faces on them and use them as garden ornaments - an interesting talking point...

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Post by monkeyman » 17 Feb 2004, 13:14

You could play 'French Bowls ' with them. Using a Xantia clutch clip as the jack.

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 17 Feb 2004, 14:50

or a zx electric window motor and "strong" plastic clip that supports the entire window in the middle

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Post by vanny » 17 Feb 2004, 17:16

big canister of C02 and you have yourself a rocket launcher, and having dropped a sphere on concrete floor, they could be quite lethal!
Get a big box of them and stick them in the boot to simulate BX16v rear spheres.
Get a big box of them in the boot so the car goes down faster!
Get a big box of them in the boot and throw them through windows, watch the 'falling apples' headlines in the papers.
Use them as balast in a hot air baloon.

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Post by AndersDK » 17 Feb 2004, 17:42

Stick one each under the foglamps - and enjoy peoples (boyracers) odd questions :
- is this some kind of speed enhancers ? - looks smart - where do you get these ?

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Post by mbunting » 17 Feb 2004, 18:25

Use one on the end of an arm as a weapon in Robot Wars !!!

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Post by Gaskin » 17 Feb 2004, 20:17

I might bolt them to the top of the struts of my ZX, take it to a dealer and see if they'll quote for replacements.......

Richard Gallagher
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Post by Richard Gallagher » 18 Feb 2004, 04:02

Why not paint them black, write 'BOMB' on them then stick a pipe cleaner out of the top.
Its worked for countless cartoons and Peter Sellers in 'The Pink Panther'.