Xsara unbalanced handbrake

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Xsara unbalanced handbrake

Post by PC2CV » 25 Nov 2016, 11:55

A question about the handbrake on my mums Xsara
I have changed all the disks and pads, flushed the old fluid out and replaced it with new fluid bleeding the callipers.

However i cant get the handbrake to work right, i had the rear wheels in the air, and when i pulled the handbrake one wheel is held solid, the other is not. The adjuster under the centre console only seems to adjust when the one wheel starts to brake.

I have followed the haynes manual as far as pumping the brake pedal 10 times and applying the handbrake 5 times to get the automatic mechanism to set itself but this has not worked.

Is there an adjustment at the callipers themselves?

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Re: Xsara unbalanced handbrake

Post by RichardW » 25 Nov 2016, 13:54

Is the cable on the non working side actually moving? Possibly it's seized. Either that or the caliper is broken internally and not adjusting up. How far does the operating levers move?