ZX Volcane Handling

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ZX Volcane Handling

Post by Dan D » 20 Feb 2001, 02:55

Has anyone come across a TD ZX problem which leads to slightly wishy washy handling requiring constant correction to steering at speed? I have checked the suspension bushes front & rear and i'm begining to suspect a PAS problem. i'm told the PAS has some kind of a damper fitted, this may be the problem. any advice appreciated. Also has anyone had expierence of the rear self steer bushes, as these were difficult to check for wear. Very many thanks.


Post by Jon » 20 Feb 2001, 03:28

Ok, this is difficult, but I will try. I speak as someone who until Xmas owned a very big mileage Volcane TD.
I would firstly do the obvious,like check the tyre pressures! I would then check the rear subframe mounts, if the square ones at the rear are shot, this is easy to spot as the subframe starts to drop when the car is jacked up. The larger mounts, at the front of the rear subframe, are hard to check and will often show no signs of movement. They do however, wear with high mileage, and replacing them has a dramatic effect on handling, especially at high speed.
I would also check the condition of the front arm wishbone bushes, by inserting a bar between the arm and the subframe, and checking for movement.
I have never really heard of steering problems with a ZX, if theres something wrong with the PAS ram, then they just leak.
My final comment: Check the rear dampers! If the car has had a bit of a hammering, as mine did, the bottom of the damper where it bolts to the arm gets worm, becoming ovalated, and forcing out the rubber. Replacing rear dampers on my old ZX made a massive difference to handling, and motorway stability. make sure that you fit the ones for the Volcane, they're stiffer than the ordinary ones.
Good Luck.