Diagnostic socket on Xantia 1.8 8v

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Diagnostic socket on Xantia 1.8 8v

Post by Ady » 18 Feb 2001, 21:04

I have just bought a gunsons fault reader and can not locate the diagnostic socket.
Gunsons book says it is green and near ECU and Haynes manual is crap,any ideas?


Post by Jon » 18 Feb 2001, 23:15

I thought that alll Xantia petrols had the diagnostic socket under the steering wheel, inside the car. have a look, there should be a small flap you remove. I'm not sure if your code reader will plug into it though, is a large multipin connection..............

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Post by phil » 19 Feb 2001, 00:32

had a similar problem with my 2.0i and was advised that the Gunson device does not work with it. Spoke to Gunsons and they confirmed it - it appears you have to use a dealers diagnostic kit. If you discover otherwise please let me know.

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Post by alan s » 19 Feb 2001, 08:08

Not being in the UK I am curious. What is a Gunsons fault reader, what does it do & what does it cost?
Also has anyone any idea how much a Seemtronic 87 costs & where it can be bought. It's used for setting timing belt tension on the Pug/Cit 16 valve motor.

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Post by jonkw » 19 Feb 2001, 15:01

The only code reader that you can buy in the aftermarket that works on a Xantia is the Sykes Pickavant CR1, which was about £300 GBP. You also had to buy a Xantia wiring harness adaptor to plug into it which was an extra £70.00!!.
In answer to Alans' comments, the Gunsons code reader is a budget means of "reading" any fault codes generated by the ECU, it is part of the service schedule on any Citroen after about 1995 to read the fault codes, and clear them if necesary.In answer to the comment abou the timing belt tensioner device, there is an aftermarket version available, when my brain clears I will try and rememeber who makes it and how much it costs!!!
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Post by Ady » 19 Feb 2001, 22:58

Thanks very much, I have just spoken to Gunsons and they confirm it does not fit.
(even though it says so on the box)