Xantia Airbag Warning flashing

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Xantia Airbag Warning flashing

Postby Georg » 23 Jan 2002, 02:54

The Airbag Warninglight on my 99 Xantia HDi started flashing recently. It is not like described in the manual (flash for 5 minutes then stay on all the time) but flashing all the time. Looks like some loose contact to me.
Any hints what I can check myself as a complete amateur, before bringing it to the garage ?
Thanks and best regards,
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Dave Bamber
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Postby Dave Bamber » 23 Jan 2002, 03:44

Hello Geog.
My Berlingo Multispace has been back to the dealers twice with a flashing bag light. First time was because one of the wires to the seat belt pre-tentioners was damaged and this caused the light to flicker. Second time the light kept staying on then stopped working altogether. The pre-tentioners had to be re-wired with soldered not crimped connections. This seems to be a common fault in later Citroens, as I know of a few Berlingo's that have had the fault and other smaller Cits too. I don't know if the Xantia has this problem but it may be the way to go.
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Postby adrianeaton » 25 Jan 2002, 15:23

Hi Georg
As someone who works with vehicle safety the first thing I've got to say is - DON'T START MESSING AROUND WITH THE AIRBAG SYSTEM UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!
Every car has a different procedure for removing parts of the secondary safety system - and airbag itself is not usually that difficult to remove but you're unlikely to see anything. You certainly don't want to start trying to resolder connections that 'may' be dodgy.
My advice - get it down the dealer ASAP - if the light is flashing then it's almost certain the airbag wouldn't fire in the event of an accident, and neither would pre-tensioners etc.
Hope this helps
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David Goddard
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Postby David Goddard » 26 Jan 2002, 03:42

Adrian's quite right. Unless you are aware of the safety procedures (Haynes describes them, and follwo hem to the letter - it could be NASTY.
However - the flashing light, changing to a constant light are the normal fault indication. As another contributor said, the in-line connector to the seat belt pre-tensioner under either the driver's seat or passenger's seat are the most likely problem. having disconnected the battery for 10 mins. etc. un-plugging and re-connecting will usually fix the fault. Better still a spray of switch cleaner will assist. The other componenet is the rotary connector in the steering wheel. The steering wheel needs to come off the get to this. One of the spriral conductors broke in my car.
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