TD ZX Headlights

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TD ZX Headlights

Post by B_Draper » 16 Feb 2001, 18:55

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what headlamps to replace the standards headlamps with as I find they are very weak compared to other cars!
Has anyone else upgraded their headlights to a more powerful set ie Brighter, Whiter and so on?
I own a '94 TD ZX if it is of any help!


Post by Jon » 16 Feb 2001, 19:34

I too had a 94 ZX TD, and the headlights were really good, but got worse as the car got older. What I found was that the silvering inside the headlamp units had become dull and pitted, and this was restricting light output. I eventually replaced one of them as it was so bad. If you look through the lense, you can see what condition yours are in, should be silver and shiny, if they are becoming black then thats the problem.

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Post by neilminto » 17 Feb 2001, 00:04

Just a thought - mine has excellent headlamps (4xH1 setup) - but halogen bulbs do 'fade' with age - try a new set of good quality ie Lucas or Bosch bulbs before getting anything more expensive!
Good luck