2cv falling

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2cv falling

Post by david_keers » 16 Feb 2001, 15:38

why is my 2cv falling forward and becoming very heavy on the steering when the chasis is not breaking as it is new


Post by Jon » 16 Feb 2001, 17:10

If the chassis is indeed new, and is not bent, or wrongly manufactured, I would suggest that the front suspension heights were set too low when the chassis was changed. This would cause heavy steering, and a low ride height at the front. You can adjust the heights each side by winding in the tie rods. The tie rod runs between the arm, and the suspension cylinder. With the car securely jacked up,simply wind in the threaded section of the tie rod into the yoke.Wind in the same amount of threads on both sides, lower the car off the jack, then recheck the ride heights.