Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by daviemck2006 » 02 Jul 2015, 16:42

I can only say I am praying for malcolm and his family.

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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by Stickyfinger » 02 Jul 2015, 17:49

daviemck2006 wrote:I can only say I am praying for malcolm and his family.

Me too, come Malcolm....
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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by Fake Concern » 02 Jul 2015, 18:38

Like everyone else, I don't really know what to say. I'm not the praying sort, but Malcolm & his family have been and still are very much in my thoughts and I'm still hoping for the best.
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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by mad_at_french_cars » 02 Jul 2015, 22:45

Sad to report that Malcolm passed away at 7pm this evening, I received a text from Claire informing me of the sad news.

I believe James is adding something to the Fallen heroes section of the website. I think we should leave this thread as it is now.

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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by DHallworth » 02 Jul 2015, 23:49

That is a tragic shame and a great loss to his family, FCF and the Citroen world.

My thoughts go out to Malcom's family at what really is not an easy time.

Please pass on my best wishes, if there's anything I can do, just ask.

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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by myglaren » 03 Jul 2015, 06:11

While not being entirely unexpected it is very saddening.
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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by RichardW » 03 Jul 2015, 07:42

Sad news - thoughts are with his family at this time

Never had the pleasure of a face to face meeting, but we had plenty of banter on here over the years.
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Re: Malcolm Goldberger AKA Citronut

Post by CitroJim » 03 Jul 2015, 08:18

Deeply sad news. Condolences to Malcolm's family at this tragic time...

I've had the pleasure of knowing Malcolm since my very beginnings of Citroen ownership and have much to thank him for.

I am locking this thread now. Please continue in the new thread in the Fallen Heroes area of the forum.

Thread is here viewtopic.php?f=30&t=52723

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