unwell bx

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unwell bx

Postby lara » Mon Jan 14, 2002 6:31 am

My 1.7 TZD Bx is kicking out lots of blue smoke when starting, when idling, when running, basically all the time. Basically undrivable.
Any ideas?
Garage have suggested worn injecters overfueling, but I thought that would create black smoke not blue.
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Postby adrianeaton » Mon Jan 14, 2002 9:22 pm

Try a post at the following site - there's loads of owners of diesel BX's who might be able to offer advice.
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Postby JohnD » Tue Jan 15, 2002 1:25 am

Hi Lara - Before commiting to big expense with new injectors you could try a bottle of injector cleaner, followed by a drive down a motorway in fourth gear.
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