Testing Glow plug relay

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John Buckley
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Testing Glow plug relay

Postby John Buckley » 31 Dec 2001, 02:31

Hi All
Anyone know how to test the glow plug pre heater relay on a ZX TD.
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Dave Burns
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Postby Dave Burns » 31 Dec 2001, 18:11

Hi John, you could disconect the lead at the glow plug and test with a 12volt bulb, this will only show you that current is there (or not) and the duration of it, what's important is the amperage being supplied, a glow plug typicaly consumes about 12amps so four of them need at least a 48amp supply, this is one of the reasons an Indirect diesel needs a higher capacity battery, an ammeter of suitable capacity is required to test the current, because of cost and the amount of use they would see not many folk have them, so for a proper test you might have to take it to an auto electrician.
Sounds like you are having starting prob's, good luck.
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