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Postby lara » 30 Dec 2001, 04:27

I have now acquired an injecter socket to take out injecters on a bx 1.7 TD. It was suggested that injecters are worn/leaking which is causing all the smoke. Is there an easy way of telling if injecters are worn/ leaking just by looking?
Should they be replaced 4 at a time- expensive? Or is it acceptable to replace just the faulty ones?
Can you recondition at home or is it better to buy reconditioned?
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Dave Burns
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Postby Dave Burns » 30 Dec 2001, 05:21

Hi Lara, you will be lucky to get much past 150,000 miles on a set of injectors without smoke and lumpy cold running, poor spray pattern and attomisation of the fuel is what basicly determines bad injectors, there is absolutely nothing you can do to them yourself, specialist high pressure test equipment is required to set them up not to mention replacement parts, you need to replace all four in one go otherwise your engine will be blighted with uneven running characteristics, reconditioned units from a reputable supplier will be evenly matched which is important, new fire seal washers and copper washers will be required.
If the smoke is blueish it could be burning oil or oil getting into the exhaust from worn turbo oil seals, if it's black then injectors will most likely be the cause.
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