Advice needed please

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Anton 123
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Advice needed please

Post by Anton 123 » 14 Aug 2014, 20:43

Hi all, as title I,m looking for some advice regarding my Citroen van. It's an S reg. 2.5 diesel relay. The problem is the engine has seized due to lack of oil. It is not financially viable to replace the engine so I thought the "last chance saloon" was to strip the crank and replace the shells bearings etc and hope that this did the trick. The first question is can this be done from underneath the engine without removing it? (by doing it with the sump removed) the next question is what are the chances of this freeing off the engine and get it running again? I have looked at the camshaft through the oil filler cap and the cam looks o.k. Any advice and opinions will be greatfully received .

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Re: Advice needed please

Post by Peter.N. » 14 Aug 2014, 22:45

If it failed due to lack of oil I wouldn't think its done the rest of it a lot of good, could be one or more pistons have seized and if the crankshaft seized the con rods are possibly bent. I don't know what engine it uses, is it the one from the CX or possible an XM, if its the latter there are still a few of those about. Have a look on ebay.


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Re: Advice needed please

Post by citroenxm » 14 Aug 2014, 22:55

The later relay 2.5 engine is Not exactly the same as the xm engine.. so that might not be an idea.

why not pull it out and put in a 1.9td prehaps ..they are a bit more common and were fitted.

as for your ultimate question the head might need to come off to get the pistons out the way to fit new shells.

however yes the block and gearbox and stay in situ to do the strip down.

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Re: Advice needed please

Post by BX » 14 Aug 2014, 23:04

I don't know what s reg is. If its very old it will have the Citroën engine with belts on the gearbox end. Peter N says they are still to be got out there. I think but I'm not sure that the relay name only came in with the new model post 1993 and the earlier ones were called C25. If its post 1993 it is probably the Fiat engine with the power steering pump the wrong side of the timing cover. These were very tough engines and a variant of them was fitted to almost every non German van of that size. There is bound to be one out there at the right price. I would expect piston damage. You would really need to take off the head at least and check for damage to the bores if they look ok then strip the bottom end pulling out all pistons and checking the main bearings one at a time. Also check that the camshaft is free. Frankly I don't think its worth the bother.

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Re: Advice needed please

Post by citroenxm » 14 Aug 2014, 23:09

S Reg is 1998 so it will be the later belt driven cam engine possibly fiat sourced. .

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Re: Advice needed please

Post by KP » 15 Aug 2014, 12:09

IMO just list it up on ebay and get rid, by the time you strip it and try and repair you'll waste money that could easily just go towards another van to do the job you need it and cause a lot less headache...