Xantia Height Corrector

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Xantia Height Corrector

Postby allmond » Wed Dec 12, 2001 2:15 am

Yes, this subject again! My Xantia has started doing the trick of: select lowest position - OK, select normal position - OK, selct position 3 - goes all the way to the top (front as well as rear) suspension hard, etc, select top position - it can't go any further.
I've gone underneath, and the two spring governed swivels near the height corrector move very freely, it's just that their springs seem to be straining against the valve itself. It's as if the corrector itself isn't moving far enough. It moves a little bit on demand, but I wonder if it should move more.
The question is, when people talk about WD40 and grease on the height corrector, do they mean the height corrector, or do they mean the spring loaded linkages immediately next to it?
Has anyone heard of a partially seized valve? Can I take it to bits and free it up?
Any help appreciated.
Jamie Allmond
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Postby pwatson » Sun Dec 16, 2001 7:23 pm

Try this site - excellent article on how to remove and repair/service height correctors
http://www.geocities.com/citroen_bx/FAQ ... s_003.html
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